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Convention and Meeting Venues

Meydenbaur Center

Meydenbauer Center                      Bellevue, WA

Meydenbauer exterior.jpg

The Meydenbauer Center is the Primary convention and event venue in Bellevue, Washington. Opened in 1993, the venue houses 53,000 square-feet of event space, and hosts nearly 300 annual conventions, meetings and other group events. Catherine Sarrett managed and prepared an expansion feasibility study and report that recommended a 30,000 square foot expansion of the center.  The study included a survey of event planners and provided projections of future market demand and corresponding impacts on local hotels. Ms. Sarrett also prepared economic and fiscal impact assessment that evaluated the recommended expansion and a do nothing scenario. 

Cobb Galleria Centre                       Atlanta, GA

Cobb Galleria Centre.jpg

Located in Cobb County, the Cobb Galleria Centre houses over 200,000 square-feet of event space and a 188,000 square foot retail mall. Catherine Sarrett managed a study evaluating the introduction of a new 350-room headquarters hotel adjacent the the venue. She also prepared a market feasibility study that evaluated the impact of the hotel hotel and the re-purposing of  50,000 square feet of retail space into meeting function space.  The expansion study evaluated historical demand, lost business, and competitive venues and included a survey of event planners to arrive at projections for event demand and future financial operations. 

Amarillo Civic Center                      Amarillo, TX

Amarillo Civic Center.jpg

Located in Amarillo, Texas, the Amarillo Civic Center is a multi-venue complex that houses 59,000 square feet of meeting and exhibit spaces, a 2,300 seat auditorium, a 4,870-seat arena, and a 1,300-seat performing arts center. As a sub-consultant to an architectural firm, Catherine Sarrett managed a market study recommending an expansion to exhibit and ballroom space and a new 7,500-seat arena. As a part of this study, Ms. Sarrett projected the future event demand financial operation of the proposed complex, assuming a single operator for all program elements. She also prepared an economic impact assessment on the local economy from construction through stabilized demand following a phased  expansion.

Century Center                           South Bend, IN

Century Center.jpg

Located in downtown South Bend, Indiana, the Century Center houses over 70,000 square-feet of event space. The nearby Morris Performing Arts Center seats approximately 2,560 patrons. Catherine Sarrett conducted a venue management analysis, evaluating various management options for the two, city-owned venues.  The study evaluated combined and separate management options and the implications on event bookings, financial operations, staffing needs, customer service, and municipal oversight. The study also provided a comparative analysis of public versus private management options.

Duncanville Conference Center      Duncanville, TX


A community of 40,000 residents Duncanville, Texas lies just south of Dallas. Through its economic development department, the City of Duncanville was interested in assessing the feasibility and potential economic impact of a new conference center and business incubator. Catherine Sarrett managed a study that assessed the community's needs, recommending a building program and projecting financial operations for both the conference center and business incubator. Her analysis also projected the economic impact of the development on the city from construction through stabilized operations. Ms. Sarrett presented findings to a special session of the Duncanville City Council.

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