Report Options

Full Narrative

A fully documented narrative report contains multiple sections that provide complete details on all research, assumptions, and methodologies used in preparation of the study. We will also provide an Appendix with backup research data and detailed projections. Report length depends on the services requested, but typically runs between 50 and 100 pages. A Full Narrative report includes an Executive Summary which serves as a study introduction and can be used as a stand-alone document highlighting the study's primary conclusions, projections, and recommendations. Typical fees noted in the Services and Fees tab reflect the delivery of a full narrative report. 

Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is a high level narrative document that typically runs between 10 and 20 pages and is included with the production of a Full Narrative report. An Executive Summary identifies all methodologies, primary assumptions, conclusions, and projections.  If a high level summary report is all that is required, we can provide and Executive Summary document with a supporting Appendix with detailed research data and complete projections. The Executive Summary report option can typically be produced for a reduced fee.

Tables Only

A Tables Only report is available for clients who need data and study results in a clean tables format. It is perfect for clients who are familiar with an industry and/or venue operation and do not require a detailed narrative explanation of figures. The Tables Only report is also a cost effective option for vetting study results before determining whether a Full Narrative or more detailed document is required. Fees for a Tables Only report can be significantly less than those presented for a Full Narrative.  

Summary Presentation

A Summary Presentation is an annotated graphical presentation document that provides a summary of study methodologies, research, assumptions, and results. A Summary Presentation often accompanies a Full Narrative report, serving as the presentation piece for steering committee, city council, and other stakeholder meetings. With easy to interpret graphics and concise explanatory notes, a summary presentation is the ideal document to make available to the public through a website posting or public meeting. Fees for a Summary Presentation would be in addition to those for a Full Narrative. As a cost-effective option a Summary Presentation can also be the sole deliverable document for a project at a reduced fee.

Advocacy Report

An Advocacy Report presents the conclusions and results of a study, along with compelling supporting information, in a concise, visually pleasing document. Other report options present pertinent information from an independent, third-party stance, allowing readers to draw conclusions. An Advocacy Report highlights the supportive conclusions and positive outcomes from the successful adoption of a project. Often a supplemental document, fees for an Advocacy Report would be in addition to those for other reporting options.