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Entertainment & Tourism

Meydenbaur Center

National Museum of African American Music

Nashville, TN


Schedule to open in 2019, NMAAM is a 56,000 square foot museum in downtown Nashville dedicated to the history, culture, and preservation of African American music. The museum will house permanent and rotating exhibits as well as event spaces for educational and social activities. Over multiple years, Catherine Sarrett managed studies that evaluated the demand potential and projected museum attendance from Nashville residents, out-of-town visitors, and groups. She translated visitation estimates to spending and economic impact projections used to support fundraising campaigns.

Eastern Kentucky Tourism           Powell County, KY

EKY Natural Bridge.jpg

The Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Foundation sought an assessment of the tourism potential in southeastern Kentucky. Catherine Sarrett managed a project that evaluated existing tourism amenities in the region and compiled statistics on National Forest and State Park visitation. Ms. Sarrett also prepared a peer venue analysis and detailed case studies on themed resort communities throughout the U.S. Work also included program recommendations for a resort hotel and ancillary visitor amenities,  projections for group demand, and an evaluation of three potential sites for the proposed development. She also evaluated its suitability for state funding under the Kentucky Tourism Development Act.

Coeur d'Alene PAC                   Coeur d'Alene, ID


Located in northern Idaho, the City of Coeur d'Alene sought to evaluate the potential of a new performing arts center that would support multiple community arts organizations and attract touring entertainment. Catherine Sarrett managed a market and feasibility study that recommended a seating capacity and other venue amenities. Work included focus group interviews, entertainment trends analysis, and peer venue assessment. Ms. Sarrett projected event demand and attendance, financial operations, and economic impact of the recommended performing arts center. A site selection analysis compared 15 potential locations within Coeur d'Alene, assessing 25 site selection criteria that affect the performance and impact of the venue.

Mammoth Lakes Entertainment   Mammoth Lakes,CA

Foundation Site 3.JPG

The City of Mammoth Lakes, California sought to evaluate the City's need and potential use of indoor and outdoor performance venues. Catherine Sarrett managed a project that recommended a performing arts theater, multipurpose spaces, and an outdoor festival area that would serve local cultural groups and promoters and attract touring entertainment. Ms. Sarrett's analysis included case studies of ownership and operations of event spaces at peer winter resorts and a site selection analysis of 13 potential sites for the development. She also prepared projections for demand and financial operations and an estimate of development costs based on recent comparable projects.

Fargo Performance Center                    Fargo, ND


The Fargo Civic Center houses a 2,500-seat auditorium and 17,000 square feet of exhibition and meeting spaces. Catherine Sarrett managed a team of consultants, including architects and theatrical consultants that studied the re-purposing of the Fargo Civic Center into a performance center. Ms. Sarrett's analysis included building program recommendations and projections of event demand and financial projections. Work also included a study of industry trends and the role of performing arts in cities. She also summarized potential ownership and management structures as well as common funding mechanisms for performing arts venues and identified the most suitable structure for Fargo.

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